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A completely voice controlled app

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What’s next? That’s the question. An important focus of attention within LeasePlan Nederland, where they are eager to lead the way in the world of mobility and smart technology. In addition, the lease giant is aiming for a frequent interaction with as many drivers as possible. Together with M2mobi, Leaseplan Nederland searched for the perfect solution: a secure mobile experience.

With over 1.7 million cars in more than 30 countries, LeasePlan is one of the world’s leading leasing companies. To be part of the fast moving world of mobility and technology, LeasePlan Nederland wanted to develop a mobile experience. And that with just a single goal: coming to a frequent interaction between LeasePlan Nederland and Dutch drivers.

An extensive Discovery Phase

At the very beginning of the project, all options were still open. Workshops and brainstorming sessions had to offer the answer to the question of how we can help drivers staying alert and energized throughout their drive. We worked out six concepts, from idea generation to in-depth interviews with drivers. As an outcome we continued working on a voice-first concept: a voice-based interaction between the user and his device.

Voice controlled apps are on the rise. More and more companies are opting for an integration of their apps with one of the well-known voice assistants like Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa. However, the concept that M2mobi and LeasePlan Nederland putted on paper isn’t like any other; the degree of voice control is unique. Voice is often added as an additional feature, but this concept includes a completely voice-based app.

The development of a voice-based app involves a lot of challenges. The integration is not always as easy as it seems. For example, the environment of a user could be crucial to a better understanding of the user. How do we ensure that the user is always understood? In any situation. Even in an environment with a lot of noise, such as while driving.

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Drive your way to the finish

Do men blink their eyes more often than women? It it more expensive to refuel in the morning than in the afternoon? Just some questions that are asked in the Drive app, a fully voice-based quiz game. By answering the questions correctly users can move on in the game and drive their way to the finish.

One of the starting points during the development was motivating user to drive hands-free. For this reason, a single-page app was chosen, whereby users do not have to click from page to page. When users open the app, they only have to tap ‘Start’ to bring the app into ‘quiz mode’. A mode with little visual distraction so that users can focus on the road. Driving a busy road? Then the question can simply be ignored and answered at any later point in time. The use of the app should be safe after all.

A frequent interaction

The interactive app not only motivates users to drive hands-free, but also inspires frequent interaction between drivers and LeasePlan Nederland. A fun and interactive way to get in touch with potential lease drivers in the Netherlands.

Driving hands-free for as many minutes as possible. That is the goal for the Drive app user. We hope to see that many drivers opt for this safe interaction. Safe for themselves and others.

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Stefan Smit
Stefan Smit