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The Briefing

M2mobi developed a mobile application for IKNL and VGZ that has to support general practitioners in the provision of palliative care in the Netherlands.

Each year a competition is held by VGZ for innovative ideas in care called VoorGoedeZorg (ForGoodCare). This competition has a different theme each year. In 2014, it was Palliative care. Palliative care is care that is applicable when curing a person is no longer possible. It thus focusses on providing the highest possible quality of life. Marije Brul won this competition with her idea ‘Regional app Palliative care for practitioners’. She thought it would be very useful if practitioners have all the information at their fingertips through one simple mobile application. Together with Marije, VGZ and IKNL we took on this challange to accomplish this idea.


The Challenge

VGZ IKNL Screenshot iOS iPhone Applicatie The sources containing information about palliative care are spread out through many different channels. For example, a lot of information can be found on websites as IKNL Oncoline, Pallialine, KNMG, Netwerk Palliatieve zorg (Network Palliative care) and there is a pocket guide called Palliatief Formularium. We saw the challange in structuring this amount of information to one source: a mobile application.

Another challange was making an intuitive and simple design. Practitioners don’t have to deal with palliative patients on daily basis. Therefore the app must have a low learning curve when using it. From the very first experience with the app, on both iOS and Android devices, the user should easily navigate through it and find the information he’s looking for.


The solution

IKNL is in possesion of the necessary information about palliative care. They’ve processed this before in their pocket guide for palliative care. This pocketguide is developed for professionals working in the field of palliative care. Now, this pocketguide is translated to an user friendly mobile app, in which IKNL provides national information. Regional information about the provision of care is provided by the ‘Participating Networks Palliative Care’. All of the regions can provide information through the Content Management System (CMS) Contentful, without the need of any adjustments in the app. The CMS is designed in a way that all 67 regions can provide their information ‘live’.

In addition to all the content practitioners must easily search through, other functionalities are also available, such as finding medication tables, checklists, information leaflets and useful links. Does the practitioner find something he can use more often, then he can save it as his favorite. Wants the practitioner to share a folder or document with his patient? This is made possible directly within the app. Finally, the practitioner can see if there are still some free beds for the patient in the immediate vecinity, as each region provides this information. All information and address details about consulation teams and other organizations can be easily found and contacted through the app. All this content is styled clear and recognizable in order to give a user friendly first experience.

We developed the app for iOS fully in Swift. It was unusual and special to work so close with all of the stakeholders from VGZ, IKNL and Marije Brul. They were all very involved, which made it easier for us to make an app that truly meets the needs of the user. In any case, the first reactions are very promising.

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