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Recently, M2mobi has participated in building a new supermarket. The name for this mobile only supermarket is Picnic and it is entering into competition which large Dutch chains such as Albert Heijn and Jumbo. Picnic groceries are ordered by app and delivered to your home for free. Moreover, groceries are guaranteed to be offered at the lowest price.

Picnic is the first mobile only supermarket in the Netherlands. M2mobi was offered the opportunity to be part of the start of this supermarket and designed the UX for this innovative app in collaboration with Picnic and Bloom. The app focusses on Customer Friendliness. One of the methods used to make Picnic the user-friendly app it has become, are the weekly target groups tests. Involving the target group in testing the app on a weekly basis allowed us to quickly and easily try out new ideas to finally create a modern and clear design.

Picnic allows you to shop for groceries anytime, anywhere. In addition to shopping ‘from your pocket’, Picnic offers convenient options: use one shopping basket to add groceries with several people in your household. You can mention anything you miss in the product range and you feel should be included. The advantage of an online supermarket is that the product can be added within 24 hours. Developing the supermarket with a focus on mobile technology becomes apparent in the special photography used: it ensures the best possible product display on your screen.

Having your groceries delivered is simple and straightforward: it is free and will be done when it suits you. The customer chooses a convenient delivery time and knows up to 30 minutes in advance when the delivery will be made. The app shows when the delivery van is due and where it is driving on that exact moment. The groceries are paid for through the app and iDeal, so you do not need a bank card when the groceries are delivered.

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Stefan Smit
Stefan Smit