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Your groceries delivered within two hours

Albert Heijn B.V.
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The briefing

Earlier, Albert Heijn made grocery shopping more easy with their online AH delivery service. Hard-working people, disabled people or just those who love to spend a day on the couch, can order their groceries online and have them delivered the next day already. Super easy. But, what if friends come to visit unexpectedly? Or some friday afternoon drinks are being organized spontaneously at work? Especially for these kind of moments, Albert Heijn is launching a new and super fast service: Rappie.

With Rappie you can order your favourite groceries directly in the app and have them delivered within two hours at your home, work, or even in the park. Albert Heijn asked M2mobi to develop the Rappie app for both Android and iOS.

The challenge

For their new delivery service, Albert Heijn uses the deliverers from SuperBuddy. They do the grocery shopping at a local Albert Heijn supermarket and deliver the groceries to the consumer within a period of only two hours.

Several parties were involved in the development of the Rappie app. These parties were each responsible for their own contribution to the final result. M2mobi had to manage these responsibilities in the right direction, with the aim to deliver the Rappie app within a very short period of time. The challenge here lay mainly in managing a quick and effective communication between the different parties, from design to development.

A second challenge related to the design of the app. Normally, people take their time for doing the grocery shopping. However, the Rappie app should respond to the spontaneous moments and thus be quick and easy to use. It was therefore important that the app would be a translation of the physical supermarket, but then super fast and easy to use.

And last, it had to be taken into account that the groceries are delivered by deliverers on the bicycle. A delivery person simply can not get on the bike with ten bags of groceries, as this would be possible when delivered with a truck.

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The solution

The involvement of multiple parties and the given deadline required a tight schedule. By working according to Scrum - an Agile framework - we ensured that all parties remained involved in all relevant phases of development - also called Sprints.

By working according to this framework, we were also able to develop a flow, step by step, that focuses on the functionality of the app - delivering your groceries as quickly as possible, wherever you are. The flow in the app is therefore as the consumer would expect it to be in a physical supermarket, from getting inspired and looking for recipes to selecting products and paying. The app also has a smart search function, with useful features such as 'popular products'. In addition, the app fits with all the elements of the AH brand, such as the well-known blue tones.

The Rappie app responds to the unexpected and spontaneous moments. By delivering on the bike, the deliverers can be at your doorstep within just two hours. In order to prevent that deliverers have to get on their bikes with too many bags of groceries, consumers can order up to 70 euros in the app. In addition, the Rappie app has a customized product range. In this way, the fast delivery service is able to respond to the unexpected moments.

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The results

The result? An app that feels natural to the consumer. With the Rappie app, they can now order, pay and get their favourite Albert Heijn groceries delivered within just two hours. Super fast and easy.

Albert Heijn starts testing the Rappie app exclusively in Rotterdam. After the testing period Albert Heijn decided to stop this delivery service. The app is offline at this moment.

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Stefan Smit