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M2mobi is a full service agency. This means that we do not only build mobile solutions, but we also invent and design them. We regularly develop concepts for and with our customers and we work together on creative and innovative ideas.

Since 2013 we work together with SNS Bank and develop concepts that utilize the latest technologies. This relationship was born from the need of SNS to continue to innovate. SNS Bank loves to explore new initiatives such as FinTech xrp, nfc, instant payments, finbox, block chain PSD2, wallets and examines the value of these new developments for its customers. In cooperation with the SNS Bank we constantly search for what is possible, what we want, and what we can or (tentatively) cannot accomplish. For this purpose, we need the knowledge of the SNS Bank.

Testable ideas In our partnership the question determines the exact approach but the goal is always to develop a testable concept. It focuses on collaboration and an agile approach centrally between SNS and M2Mobi. We therefore regularly meet each other. Sometimes we pitch ideas on the spot, other times we follow the Scrum methodology and work in sprints. Of all our ideas, we create working prototypes. This often starts with some concepts, then we assemble the various components later in the process to a single prototype. In the beginningthe focus is mostly on ux design, later in the process, we finish this in a visual design. We also often use truth based data at this stage. This enables us to develop prototypes that perform a realistic representation of the reality as close as possible.

What does the user want? The individual components as well as the prototype as a whole is tested on the target group with usability testing The individual components as well as the prototype as a whole, is tested on the target group with usability testing. These tests provide the answers to such questions such as: Does the customer sees the added value? Is the idea viable? And what else do we need to develop further? From the many usability tests being carried out, it is obvious that the client plays a central role at the SNS Bank.

Some of our jointly developed (partial) concepts have now seen the light. For some parts of it applies that they are implemented in existing solutions, such as, for example, the SNS mobile banking app. As M2mobi we want nothing more than to innovate and provide value to the end user. At the SNS Bank we get the opportunity to give substance to these values.

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Stefan Smit
Stefan Smit