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The briefing

Our task was to increase the conversion on the mobile website of Telfort. Telfort offers various packages that can be purchased through their website. However, the conversion technologies that have been used for the desktop site were not as suitable for the mobile version. It is our job to create a design that is user-friendly for the users visiting the website on their mobile phone.

The challenge

When purchasing a package such as ‘Internet, TV and Calling’, the user must go through a number of steps. These so called ‘wizzard’ should help users in making their decision. Some of these stepts are viewed through the use of pop-ups, allowing the user to stay on the original page. However, pop-ups are not as user-friendly for the mobile user as it is for the user who’s visiting the desktop site. Therefore, together with the client we’ve been searching out all the posibilites for improving this wizzard so that the conversion will increase on the mobile site.

The solution

Our designteam found the solution in roll-ups and lock-ins. These provide an excellent opportunity for displaying content, big or small. Even online receipts are made clear and understandable in these roll-ups. In this way the customer journey through all of the steps is made user-friendly for the mobile user. In addition, the website branding was already known, allowing us to use all of the elements to deliver the final mobile design. We had a primarily focus on the interaction design.


The result? An interactive and visual design based on the corporate identity which helps the mobile visitor when making his choice. This design is not only causing an user-friendly website, but is also increasing the conversion.

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Stefan Smit
Stefan Smit