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Your personal mindfulness coach

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The Briefing

Back in 2014, we developed the Mindfulness app together with VGZ. A free app for anyone who wants to be less stressed and more mindful. Stress is on of the most important causes for a lot of illnesses after all, from anxiety and depression to physical complaints such as fatigue and headaches.

Ever since the first release, the app has performed above all expectations. We have made continuous improvements over the years. In addition, a large number of daily users provided us with feedback, which resulted in a major update. From new exercises with a female voice to a completely new design.

The Challenge

Back then, we developed one of the first mindfulness apps for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The app acts as a personal coach, helping users to do daily exercises and meditations. Important during the development was - and is - that the app can be used by anyone anywhere and anytime.

That the app can be labeled as successful is evident from the results. The app is downloaded over 680,000 times, gets a rating of 4+ stars in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and the app is still used by more than 50,000 people on a monthly basis.

Since the first release in 2014, we have received a lot of feedback from both Android and iOS users. Feedback that helps us making the app even more user-friendly. An important point of attention here was that the app would fit within the latest trends and developments in the field of design. In doing so, both new and existing users had to be taken into account. Users should not have the idea that they have to 'discover' an entirely new app. How do we develop a completely new app that still feels familiar to the existing users?

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The solution

Over 700 ratings and suggestions from users formed a nice basis for the further development of the app. Not only did we add new exercises to the app, users can now easily apply filters when searching and selecting them. How much time do you have for the exercise? In what posture do you want to do the exercise? And the possibility to select a female voice is also an important addition in this big update.

But the biggest change in the new design is the fold-out menu that has been replaced for a menu that is fixed at the bottom of the screen. Users have a clear and easy access to the most important functions of the app, such as the daily exercises, program, an overview of all exercises and their favorites.

Also new in the design is the watercolor-based style, animations and icons, that ensures a calm appearance of the app. This is in line with the relaxed life that users of the app aspire to.

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The result

In addition to the great results from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, the effectiveness of mindfulness apps has also been scientifically proven. Based on the research that we will publish next week, it appears that it is possible to achieve sustainable positive effects with the help of a mobile app and the VGZ Mindfulness coach in specific. We hope to keep receiving feedback from many users in order to keep improving the app.

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Stefan Smit
Stefan Smit