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’Energy. Anytime. Anywhere.’ Says the slogan of Victron Energy, manufacturer and technical market leader for mobile energy solutions. The battery chargers, inverters, solar charge controllers and solar panels from Victron Energy are widely used and deployed in various markets - including base camps on the Mount Everest and sailing boats on the Atlantic Ocean. We were asked to develop an app for both iOS and Android that gives users the opportunity to monitor their Victron installation, anywhere in the world.

Products of Victron Energy are not only used by remote and mobile installations, but also in hospitals, where electricity is indispensable when the power fails. Or just by those who want to be less dependent on energy suppliers. This diversity of locations asks for intelligent products that can communicate with each other over a network. One of these intelligent products is the ‘Color Control’, a monitoring system that collects data from the energy installations and then sends it to a database, in order to provide insight into the data through an Android or iPhone device. The challenge here was to sort all technical data by relevance and display it as user friendly as possible in the mobile app.

As soon as users connect the Victron Remote Management (VRM) app to their installation(s), they will see an orderly list in which the most important information of these installations is displayed. This includes the status of batteries, the amount of energy being used and the amount of energy that is generated. Besides a list-view it is also possible to display the data in a schematic overview. We have chosen to display abstract data as visual as possible. All data remains offline available, in order to provide users previously retrieved data even when they do not have access to the internet.

Victron users are very engaged with their installations. This is reflected in the relatively high number of users of the Android and iPhone application VRM. It is interesting to see that the largest group of users comes from South Africa and despite the technicality of the mobile app, it mainly concerns consumers who are using their installation for private purposes to generate solar energy.

Besides the development of the VRM app for Android and iPhone, we have also developed an open source API for Victron Energy. This API makes it possible for professionals to develop a dashboard or application based on their data generated by their electricity installation.

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Stefan Smit
Stefan Smit