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Earlier we developed the Victron Remote Management (VRM) mobile app, that gives users the opportunity to monitor their Victron installation througout the whole world. The Victron Toolkit app is a digital helping hand during the installation and helps users understand their Victron installation.

The Victron Toolkit app is developed for Android and iOS devices and helps users to determine the proper cable thickness. In order to have an minimized power loss, it is important to tune the cable thickness on the lenght and the amount of ampere. We have chosen to display the results from different parameters as visual as possible, so that it is understood by a broad group of users.

Victron devices are equipped with LED lights. These LED lights indicate the status of the device. The Toolkit app provides users with information about all possible combinations of LED lights. The mobile app includes all regular codes, warnings, alarms and error messages. A third feature of the Toolkit app is the ability to Temprature derating. This means that the app calculates the correct output (amperes) at a given ambient temprature.

A new feature of the Victron Toolkit app is the QR-code support. This support gives users the possibility to scan QR-codes on the Victron devices and packaging, which then redirect them to a web page with detailed product information. Users of the app will now always have access to the up to date manuals of Victron products and additional information.

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Stefan Smit
Stefan Smit