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The briefing

The mobility landscape is changing rapidly and we are more and more on the move. This has many benefits, but on the other hand also creates daily moments of stress and sometimes even irritation. Increasing traffic jams arise, gasoline prices and parking rates keep rising, and in the increasing crowds we do not even find our own car anymore.

In 2012, ANWB developed the “Onderweg app” (On-the-go app) for both iOS and Android devices. A smart application that keeps you up-to-date about traffic jams, speed camera’s, fuel prices and navigates you wherever you want. A smart passenger you could say. Despite the fact that the app was being used by many satisfied people for a long time, it was time for an even smarter app. Future proof and with an up to date design. Challenging task for M2mobi to develop the most complete mobility app in the Netherlands.

The car’s dashboard can be seen as the new battleground for car manufacturers and new players as tech companies and road assistance companies. Being reactive is not enough and only by being proactive and personally relevant the battle for the dashboard can be won. This proposition closely reflects the vision of ANWB in which everyone should be able to travel safely and with more pleasure.

The challenge

Data is an important key in the vision of ANWB and opens doors to various functionalities. For example, data such as personal route planning and traffic jam alerts. This amount of personal data creates a new complexity in developing apps and involves new technical challenges. This large amount of data creates a new complexity in developing apps and involves new technical challenges.

Another challenge for ANWB is the amount of different apps developed over the years. A user of ANWB apps may expect that they look consistent and work the same way. Ideally, filled in data is shared between the multiple apps. Apart from the user experience, there is also overlap in functionality between ANWB apps. Our challenge? Keep uniformity and prevent that unnecessary or duplicate data is being collected.

The On-the-go app combines all aspects of being on the go. Not a simple single-purpose app, but a complex whole that needs to be personally relevant at different stages of a customer journey. Within the app are 6 themes that each represent a number of functionalities, each contributing to a careless and enjoyable ride.

  1. Traffic information: overview of traffic in the area and on your daily route
  2. My routes and traffic jam alerts: get informed on your way
  3. Parking: locations, rates and fair payment.
  4. Refueling: always cheap refueling
  5. My car: always know the location of your car
  6. Road assistance: instant road assistance

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The solution

ANWB has developed a central API middleware layer that combines and enriches the various existing data sources and APIs. This provides a uniform interface that communicates all front ends (app and web) and exchanges data.

M2mobi has identified several modules and components that can be shared between the mobile ANWB apps. For example, there is a styleguide library in which the corporate style of ANWB is applied. A digital corporate style is constantly under development and therefore also subject to change. If it is necessary to update an item, it will be done in the central library. This will then automatically be customized in all apps that use the library.

Another important improvement, for both front-end and back-end, is to combine user accounts. Previously, it was often necessary to make different accounts for the different ANWB services. These are combined step-by-step into the back-end, so that it is still necessary to remember one account. The front-end also has these advantages. For example, the renewed app uses a Single Sing On/Account component. Login in one app will automatically log you into all other ANWB apps.

The results

Through the modular thinking we have put together a solid flexible basis with the ANWB. With this base, we can expand and innovate functionalities into proactive and personally relevant services.

The different internal and external teams have the same (data) resources and work according to the same styleguide. The result? Uniformity through all functionalities and apps. In addition, this development has had a positive effect on the ultimate goal: developing the most complete app for mobility.

The ANWB On-the-go app has now been downloaded more than 2 million times. There are still many new daily downloads and the use of the app is increasing on a daily basis too. We are pleased to read the positive user reviews and believe that, together with ANWB, we have succeeded in our goal and continue to look for new features that provide more pleasure in traveling.

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Michiel Munneke


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