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The briefing

With over 1.7 million cars in more than 30 countries, LeasePlan Netherlands is one of the world’s leading leasing companies. At LeasePlan Netherlands, they understand all too well that the world of mobility is changing rapidly. What’s next? That’s the question. An important point of attention within the organization. LeasePlan Netherlands wants to lead the way in the world of mobility, from sustainability to smart technology.

Technology changes the way we drive. At M2mobi, that’s something we get enthusiastic about too. Together with LeasePlan Netherlands, we entered into an open process in which we examined how we can develop a mobile experience for all drivers in the Netherlands. Relevant and easy-to-use, in order to achieve a frequent interaction between car drivers and LeasePlan Netherlands.

The challenge

At the start of the project, all options were still open. Workshops, brainstorming sessions and an extensive ‘discovery phase’ had to offer the answer to the question of how a mobile app can help us making the time a driver spends in his car more fun and useful - and yet safe at the same time. We worked out a number of six concepts, from idea generation to in-depth interviews with end-users. As a result, it turned out that a ‘voice-first’ app had to offer the answer: a voice-based interaction between the user and his device. LeasePlan Netherlands wants to stimulate hands-free driving after all.

Voice controlled apps seem to be on the rise. More and more companies are getting in on the act by choosing for an integration of their apps with one of the well-known voice assistants like Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa. Here you often see that voice is built into the app as an additional feature. However, for LeasePlan Netherlands we were aiming to develop a completely voice-based app. The question here is whether voice can fully take over the mobile or touch experience?

In addition, the integration of voice is not always as easy and is very dependent on various factors. For example, the environment of a user has a huge influence on the speech recognition of the app. How do we ensure that an environment with a lot of noise - such as while driving - does not detract from the user experience? You do not want a user to have to repeat himself over and over again.

The solution

Together with LeasePlan Netherlands we developed a quiz-game. Fully voice-based and thus easy-to-use while driving. Users can work their way to the finish by answering as many questions as possible correctly.

In order to ensure an optimal voice interaction for the end-user, we have tested a lot. By working with multiple testing groups we were able to tackle all possible problems.

One of the focal points during the development was stimulating hands-free driving. For this reason, we decided to develop a single-page app, in which users do not have to click from page to page. As soon as users open the app and hit the ‘Start’ button, the app goes into ‘quiz mode’. A mode with little visual distraction, so that users can keep their focus on the road. Is the road quite busy at the moment? No worries. The question can simply be ignored and answered once the road become less busy again.

img leaseplan iphone X

The result

A safe mobile experience for all drivers in the Netherlands. An interactive app that encourages hands-free driving: the safest way to get smarter at work.

With the app there is a frequent interaction between car drivers and LeasePlan Netherlands. We hope to see that the Dutch drivers will answer as many questions as possible and thus drive as many minutes hands-free.

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Michiel Munneke
Michiel Munneke


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