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With Uqonic Chefs, culinary enthusiasts are able to order the creations of international star chefs from all over the world quickly and easily online.

This requires a very flexible digital platform that must offer the premium customer experience at the front that this target group is used to. At the rear, chefs and creative teams worldwide must be able to effortlessly place their culinary content. In addition, Uqonic Chefs must deliver the resulting orders on time and in accordance with numerous local preferences and regulations. It is up to M2mobi to serve this ambitious order on time.

Fast delivery is crucial

Time is a critical factor in this challenge for several reasons. In order to develop a decisive B2C platform, working lean & agile is required. In addition, a number of crucial questions are still open at that time about the exact approach of this unique new culinary platform, which should facilitate the entire customer journey from discovery to ordering.

For example, which consumer groups belong to the optimal target group for the innovative concept? Which star chefs are willing to put their reputation and dishes on the new platform? What does the ideal onboarding procedure look like for both demanding target groups and what requirements do they set for the content presentation and interaction on the new platform? An agile collaboration with Uqonic Chefs makes it possible to implement the answers to all these questions.

Steep learning curve

Given the required minimum time-to-market, these questions must be answered during the development and production process of the new platform. Fortunately, this goes hand in hand with the lean & agile working method with which M2mobi has been approaching demanding projects for years. Guiding principle: “We are not just building a product for the pioneers in the premium food delivery industry. We are building a tool to learn what product to build.” The steep learning curve dictated by the customer once again sharpens this familiar approach.

This also applies to some important requirements from the customer side. The new platform should also be able to support other culinary delivery formulas in the future. In addition, all users must be able to easily place and organize the required content independently on the new multi-entity platform or, for example, add new local URLs. The rear of the platform must therefore also be designed in a very user-friendly and intuitive way.

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Meticulous eye for quality and detail

Directly at the briefing, Uqonic Chefs presents clear and detailed instructions for the desired approach and premium look & feel of the new platform. The participating international star chefs, their dishes and living environment are emphatically central to this. The extensive and versatile content with which the platform will entice the discerning clientele must therefore also be judged by their meticulous eye for quality and detail.

To guarantee this qualitative focus, native specialist M2mobi produces a first mvp/prototype of the intended frontend in React within a few weeks. This guarantees optimum performance and therefore the most attractive user experience. Choosing Contentful guarantees the highest possible quality and flexibility of content management that requires the worldwide roll-out of a high-quality B2C platform. The (later) integration of commercetools and Adyen ensures transactional processing at the highest possible level.

Continuous learning, validation and optimization

Immediately upon delivery of the prototype, M2mobi starts a continuous learning cycle to continuously optimize the distinctiveness and ease of use of the frontend. The weekly series of intensive user researches puts every aspect of the developing user experience under the magnifying glass without any hesitation. Despite, or precisely because of this uncompromising approach, M2mobi manages to deliver a first proof of concept within just ten weeks that not only convinces the users, but also the top chefs approached by now.

For example, culinary superheroes Mauro Colagreco and Andreas Caminada connected their reputation and dishes to the new platform. In addition to his three Michelin stars, Colagreco (Le Mirazur, Menton, France) has been voted the world's best chef several times. Andreas Caminada also cooked together the maximum Michelin score at his own Schloss Schauenstein (Fürstenau, Graubünden, Switzerland).

High-quality information and inspiration

To ensure the quality of the content around these culinary geniuses, Uqonic Chefs sends content teams all over the world. They provide videos and other visual material in which chefs take visitors to the platform on a culinary adventure, and also give an intimate look at the person behind the star chef. Of course, the available dishes each have their own detail page.

In addition to the highly critical view of the chefs, all content infused into dishes and ingredients must also comply with very detailed local regulations. The Amsterdam platform complies with the regulations with the statement 'that nuts may have been processed in the court'. In Zurich, the user must be able to immediately see which type(s) of nuts are involved and which allergic reactions they may cause. In order to be able to immediately display all required information, M2mobi is developing a smart data link between the platform and the system in which Uqonic Chefs keeps track of this information.

Apps with very exclusive user experience

Within two months, M2mobi will start developing the associated mobile application. Just like for the web applications (React), the native development specialist uses development tools and (design) standards specifically made for Android and iOS. As a result, the available options per platform come into their own, and the new platform can always offer the most attractive user experience.

However, you will not find the Uqonic Chefs app in the respective webshops yet. To emphasize the exclusive character of the culinary experience, download is only possible upon personal invitation. Only after several hundred leading foodies and other culinary authorities worldwide have shared their opinions and feedback will the app become more widely available. And start the next phase in the mission to place the exclusive dishes of the world's best chefs worldwide within a few clicks on the dining tables of the most demanding and adventurous culinary enthusiasts.

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Stefan Smit